About Crealies

Crealies is a brand that has been specializing in original, functional and timeless hobby products for more than two decades. Annelies Karduks is the owner of Crealies and she designs all the dies, stamps and stencils. The products are mathematically calculated when necessary and are therefore easy and perfect to combine with each other. The products are divided in themes and concepts. Crealies products can be recognized by their distinctive red packaging.

We ship worldwide

We deliver all over the world. Shippingcosts will be added according to weight. Please place an order in the Webshop and add in the remarkfield: please tell me the shippingcosts first if you want to know what the shipping costs will be. 

I will weight your order and let you know shippingcosts and you decide after you get the invoice if you want to purchase or not. For your convenience I also send you a paypal request if you want to go ahead and purchase.

If you want to know the prices in your currency you have two options:
You use the English Flag in the banner to set the website to English, than you make an account and set your currency to the one you have in your country.

If you don’t want to make an account, use the currency converter: http://www.xe.com/


May 2019

Crealies products May 2019 in the webshop
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April 2019

Crealies products April 2019 in the webshop
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March 2019

Crealies products March 2019 in the webshop
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February 2019

Crealies products February 2019 in the webshop
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